The Cosmos of Time

The Wizard of Cap Malheureux



Introduction "Cosmos-of-Time"

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce myself by presenting a short overview of the new Cosmos as its author. My personal data you find at the end of the book.

My practical and theoretical knowledge acquired with time, supported by my critical mind, have brought me in conflict with many aspects and presumptions the woke Science of today considers true and definite.

I asked myself, for instance:
Why has Science never managed to define neither time nor gravity, but nevertheless applies both in multiple equations?
Why has Science not yet found out where dark matter and energy originate, although they say it makes up 95% of the mass of their Universe,
Why has Science not the slightest idea yet where dark-holes end up?
Science has not as yet been able to prove that subatomic particles exist as tangible matter, and
And how can Science defend using undefined coordinates as dimensions and gluing an undefined time unto it to define the structure of the Universe?

Not even with inclusion of their recent Covid-19 fuckups, I have lost complete confidence in the scientific establishment.

To find the peace to put my contrarian thoughts on paper, I settled in 2011 here in Mauritius.  

The first part of my ‘Cosmos’ is based on facts I analysed, the old established way nobody can fool around with.
My key to the structure of the Universe followed an in-depth analysis of the moment of the “Now” and lead me, as the first person ever, to establish the definition of “Time”.
Based there upon, I arrived at the unassailable conclusion, that the Universe must be structured in three steps of dimensional power, all of Time. The first the Force of Time, propelling the second, the invisible bow-wave Sphere of the “Now” into the future, that is cloaked in a mantle of electromagnetic forces and visible matter, the third step.
Steps of power backed by Maxwell's layers of power, where the quantities of the top layer are quadratic to the quantities in the underlaying layer.

The second part of Cosmos covers my hypothesis of how our visible Universe of three-dimensional matter came into existence:
As the Sphere of Time expands relative to the advancement of the Force of Time, the way spheres expand with the square of their radius, the moment will arrive that the time/energy input by the Force will not suffice any longer to maintain the initial expansion rate of the Sphere and will start diverting from expansion orientated to accumulate and circulate in two-dimensional electric waves on the Sphere’s surface.